Ruto appointing Malala, Ndii to Cabinet is illegal and must be stopped

It has emerged that President William Ruto has “cleared” UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala and David Ndii, the chairman of the Council of Presidential Economic Advisors to attend Cabinet meetings. The duo was sworn-in in that capacity at a private ceremony at State House.

Kenyans must be warned that these are red flags which they must extinguish now because it is a flagrant offense to the Constitution they enacted for themselves, the President has no such powers as to appoint Cabinet members in any manner other than as contemplated in the Supreme Law.

Simply put, the President has violated the law and if we had a parliament worth its salt, this constitutes grounds for impeachment but the country is at the mercy of an incompetent, rogue National Assembly that only thinks about its survival, the MPs would be running to State House to collect hand-outs instead of standing to defend mwananchi.

Article 152 of the Constitution provides for the constitution of the Cabinet and subscribes the manner of appointing CSs in clear, concise and specific terms.

There is no letter or spirit that provides for how Malala and Ndii have been appointed to Cabinet because being cleared, and being sworn-in, to attend those meetings is tantamount to being appointed CSs without due process.

As it is, the Cabinet is illegally constituted as it supercedes the maximum number of members contemplated by Article 152(1).

In what capacity are those two attending Cabinet meetings?

Mr President, if you want Malala and Ndii in Cabinet then you have to choose who you are going to drop as contemplated in the Constitution and stop sneaking them into the country’s top Executive organ. Kenyans must reject this flagrant attempt to subvert their will and propagate anarchy and undermine the rule of law.

Time has now come to call out this administration for how it is hell-bent on taking the country in the wrong direction of lawlessness by the very individual bestowed with the privilege of occupying the highest office in the land but is applying jungle law to frustrate Kenyans.

President William Samoei Ruto has to be called out because the so-called rogue CSs and foul-mouthed individuals trumpeting the holiness of this administration are speaking their master’s language, so the daggers must be drawn at the dogs’ owner because Moses Kuria and ilk would not be speaking as they are if their boss held a contrary position.

The spews being seen all over the place from Kenya Kwanza bishops and adherents are from nowhere but from the big man himself.

Don’t be mistaken to direct your wrath towards to soldiers when they were sent by the General to execute a job!

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