About Kurunzi

Kurunzi News is one of the most reliable independent media organizations, disseminating balanced, fair and accurate news content with a strong focus on investigative journalism meant to hold society accountable and enhance good governance. Kurunzi News was established in 2017 and has grown steadily to become one of Kenya’s number one source for news and information. Our team is a rich blend of experienced journalists who are responsible for churning out stories that are captivating to the audience that is seeks to read articles and opinions on a variety of topics and events.

Kurunzi News offers comprehensive coverage of the news and events happening in Kenya and around the world. It provides in-depth coverage of national and local news stories, political developments, entertainment news, sports news, business news, and more. Kurunzi also provides opinion pieces and editorials from leaders and experts in the fields of politics, economics, and culture, among others.

Readers can also find extensive analysis of the news and events happening around the globe with a view to helping readers get a better understanding of current events and their impact.

Apart from current affairs, Kurunzi News also provides exclusive video content and interviews with key personalities as well as human interest feature stories and documentaries.

Our commitment to providing comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis make it one of the most respected online news source.