About us

Kurunzi News is a leading independent media organization dedicated to providing comprehensive, balanced, and accurate news coverage. Since its establishment in 2017, Kurunzi News has been the go-to source of news and information in Kenya. With a team of experienced journalists, Kurunzi News offers an array of topical stories, political developments, and entertainment news presented in an engaging and captivating manner.

Kurunzi News is committed to delivering reliable, unbiased information and analysis on a variety of topics like current affairs, conversational editorials, exclusive interviews, and engaging video content. The team invests in investigative journalism to hold society accountable and pursue transparency and good governance. 

Besides current affairs, Kurunzi also covers sports news, business news, and provides historical perspective to understand the impact of current events. Furthermore, the team regularly publishes opinions and editorials from leaders, political, economic and cultural experts. 

We are mindful of the readers’ privacy and provides security to ensure complete confidentiality about browsing information and visited pages. Readers can rest assured that their identities and personal information will be kept private. The overall commitment to providing a reliable source of information, unbiased coverage, and engaging stories make Kurunzi News one of the most reliable and respected online news sources in Kenya and beyond.