Miracle baby? Kenyan woman gives birth in a taxi

Motorists and passersby around the City Cabanas along Nairobi’s Eastern bypass were treated to a rare spectacle early Friday morning, when a woman delivered a baby in a taxi en route to Mama Lucy Hospital. 

Kurunzi News understands the woman started having labor pains and when it became clear that they were not going to make it to the hospital on time, the taxi driver decided to pull over near Scion Hospital and rushed to raise alarm with the nurses on duty.

With the help of the nurses, the woman delivered her bundle of joy under the extraordinary circumstances as a result of the collaborative efforts of the taxi driver and the nurses from the health facility who responded swiftly, offering their expertise and needed material support.

The nurses came with linen which acted as curtains to tint the car windows so as to shield curious eyes from the onlookers as they midwifed the unexpcted roadside delivery.

Details about the identity of the mother were not immediately confirmed but the mother and child were admitted to Scion hospital.

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