REVEALED: Why Camp Mulla reunion failed as Karun opens lid on break-up

A few years ago, we were all excited that Camp Mulla was making a huge comeback.

During the harshly talked about Tekno Wave Concert, they gave their fans a huge surprise after hitting the stage together after a very long time and that gave us hope that for sure, they are back.

“This is for the fans! It’s time for Kenya to lead African music into the next age. We are ready to serve you more hits, back older and wiser. This Party Don Stop.”

Camp Mulla

Little did we know that as we waited for the upcoming album they kept emphasizing on stage, it would never happen. We waited for its debut for a whole year and no one ever told us why we never got the album from Camp Mulla.

Finally, the girl in the group, Karun – who became a mother during the same period – decided to open up and talk about what she calls a wound.

Their reunion Karun says, was like revisiting fresh wounds. Camp Mulla had a plan to reunite as a group but that was not everyone’s plan because some started focusing on their individual growth.

“In late 2017, we were trying to make Camp Mulla work. I really had high hopes for it to get back together and put all my energy into getting it to work, but it couldn’t work, so I had to channel all that energy into my own growth”


In as much as Camp Mulla really wanted to make music together, things were toxic in the group and every day seemed to get worse so the best thing was to call off the reunion.

It’s painful and heavy because the last time we (Camp Mulla members) tried to make it work, it was too difficult and it got to a point it was like revisiting old wounds. So, we just decided to go our own way.


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