What is Nigerian Charles Emedo still doing in Kenya? He should be deported for engaging in illegal activities

Nigerian Charles Emedo is a man whose continued stay in Kenya must come to an end if indeed immigration officials are serious about cracking the whip against foreigners breaking the law.

While his immigration status remains in question, Emedo, who holds a Swedish passport has conducted himself in absolute contravention of the law and should be deported. This is a man whose source of livelihood is unknown and continues to do illegal business in the country.

He lives large yet there is no evidence of what kind of business he does or what the source of his money is.

He is even on record for attempting to defy a court order by trying to steal the body of his deceased lover from Umash Funeral Services before a legal tussle with her family is heard and determined.

Those privy to the lifestyle this man has been living say that Emedo’s business in the country could be linked to drugs and money laundering.

The lover, Andear Muthoni, died of lung-related complications in September but it is her family sentiments following her death that leave many questions than answers.

Her mother Lydia says the deceased was very supportive of her family until she met this man nine years ago. He never formalised their union, never visited her family and worse never allowed her to visit or support her parents and siblings.

Parents of Charles Emedo’s lover Andear Muthoni holding a portrait photo of their deceased daughter whose body is still lying at Umash Funeral Services pending the hearing and determination of a court case on her burial. PHOTO/COURTESY

At death, he attempted to alienate the family from her final rites prompting the family to seek the intervention of the court to have them bury their daughter.

Those in the know have told Kurunzi the lady behaved strangely after meeting the man, who may have not only indoctrinated her but also introduced her to interaction with drugs.

“In the final days before her death, she looked like it was not just a normal disease because everything about her had changed, including her skin colour,” a source close to the family told Kurunzi.

As if disrespecting Kenyan courts is not enough, Charles Emedo is purporting to be running a football club – King’s FC, which is not registered with the Sports Registrar as a sports entity as required by the Sports Act 2013. He is using this illegal outfit to recruit children in the name of getting them into the illegal club’s academy for shipping to Europe.

This man Emedo is engaging in criminal activities in Kenya and his continued stay in the country is a threat to national security. He could be indoctrinating the innocent children in the name of football and later traffic them to Europe in the name of football.

He must be deported together with his compatriot Mikel, who is illegally working as a coach yet he does not have any football coaching credentials.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi is known for his no-nonsense approach to his duties and this is one of those cases he must act upon to save Kenyans from this man’s antics. Charles Emedo is up to no good and must be stopped by sending him back to his country of origin – Nigeria.


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