Trans Nzoia residents urged to demand accountability from county

Residents of Trans Nzoia County have been challenged to be more proactive in playing of an oversight role in governance issues in relation to public service to guarantee them better service by the area county government.

Programme advisor on anti-corruption and devolution at the Kenya Human Rights Commission, Paul Annan, said residents must be alive to the fact they have a role to task the government to deliver on its mandate.

Annan said the constitution empowers citizens to play a key role in decision-making on county government projects both at the planning and implementation stages. They must hold those in power to account, he maintained.

The session saw participants sensitized on how to carry out social auditing on public projects being implemented by the county government to ensure public funds are put to good use to achieve the intended goal of devolution.

Participants, who took part in the one day workshop, formed the Trans Nzoia county Human rights network, whose mandate will be to collect data on the implementation of county government projects for effective social auditing.


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