Three-month old baby rescued from suspected traffickers at Kenya-TZ border

Customs officials have burst a human trafficking ring where infants are taken to Tanzania for registration soon after birth.

Two Kenyans and a Tanzanian were arrested at the Isebania on Saturday night while transporting a month-old baby to the neighbouring country for birth notification, in an elaborate scheme which authorities believe tie together immigration and security officials from both countries.

Commissioner of Customs and Border Control Kevin Safari said “the suspects attempted to offer a bribe while being searched” to be freed after failing to explain the ownership of the infant.

Safari said results of a preliminary investigation revealed the suspects were part of an elaborate cross-border syndicate where Kenyan babies are taken to Tanzania, issued with birth notification documents and returned.

The suspects were found with several national identity cards and mobile phone sim which, customs officials said, will form part of the investigation.

The suspects were set to be arraigned on Monday morning, with the baby having been taken to the customs office.

“The infant appeared to be in good health and is currently in the care of the Customs Office pending further investigations by the police,” Safari said.

Part of the investigation, authorities said, will be seeking to establish the baby’s parents with police already linking the scheme to baby swaps at maternity hospitals where mothers are often handed dead babies. 


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