Tension as officer gun-hunts colleague who raped daughter in Thika

A police officer is hunting for his colleague following an incident where the latter is said to have raped the former’s daughter. The incident happened at a police station near Thika town, Kiambu County.

Sources have told Kurunzi that the aggrieved officer is in charge of the station’s armoury and has decided to walk around armed looking for his colleague who is at large but reportedly operating from the same price station.

Area OCS, Zipporah Kilonzo, is being accused of protecting the ‘guilty’ officer causing further anger as she has allegedly refused to order the arrest of the accused, whose victim is recuperating at Thika Level Five Hospital.

Those familiar with goings-on have told Kurunzi of fears of the officers confronting each other when armed.

“Chances are a gun battle might soon ensue either today or kesho where either the two police officers might shoot at each other and the OCS might find herself in the midst of the gun fire,” one source said.

“The victim’s father Police Corporal […] Seeks anonymity due to the nature of the case. The OCS is obstructing justice by failing to arrest the fellow officer who is her fellow Kamba tribesman. Tribalism at play.”

The rape incident is reported to have taken place on Sunday night.


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