South Mugirango MP vows to block census if jobless youth not hired

South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro has vowed to block the Government from counting his constituents in the national census slated for August 23 if unemployed youths are not considered for available jobs.

The lawmaker questioned the criteria used to select officials who will be tasked with establishing Kenya’s total, noting that most of those who had been shortlisted for interviews were old civil servants.

 “Most of our youths are jobless. They have to be given first priority in the upcoming census so they can at least get money to start small businesses or even pocket money for those who are schooling,” he said

“We are not even being realistic to God, we are oppressing the poor by denying them a chance to work, and our chiefs must not be greedy and selfish. Why are we giving the census jobs to teachers, is it that we can’t entrust our youths with the counting of people?” Mr Osoro asked.

He said no employed person is going to get the job in his constituency.

“We will stop the exercise until the deserving poor and jobless youths are considered, we won’t gamble with our youths by taking their jobs, we can’t allow that,” the legislator added.

He urged all youths to ensure employed persons are not interviewed for the jobs.

“I’m calling on the Kenyan youths to ensure that no employee should be…conducting census, chase them away because we need people who are jobless to do this job,” he fired.

Local administrators have been accused of bias while shortlisting candidates.

The census, conducted after every 10 years will be done on the night of August 23, 2019.

The MP was speaking at Sironga SDA Church on Saturday where he and a host of other seven Gusii legislators allied to Deputy President William Ruto presided over a fundraiser for the completion of the church. Over Ksh500,000 was raised.


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