Sonko: I will continue with PR, it works for me

Nairobi city Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has finally responded to his critics who claim his recent Turkana county Aid Relief tour and other philanthropic acts are usually nothing but PR gimmick tailor made for his own selfish interest and Political mileage.

The Turkana county tour elicited mixed reactions from a cross section of Kenyans online with a barrage of criticism and support being aired in equal measure .

Speaking in Swahili at the launch of Human milk Bank in Pumwani maternity Hospital. The flamboyant and straight shooting Governor , who doesn’t shy from answering critics , was blunt and sublime in his response and stated ”Kama PR ilinisaidia nikakuwa mbunge, nitafanya PR,nikafanya PR nikakuwa Senator.Tena nikafanya PR nikakuwa Governor, nikiwa governor nimefanya PR nikakuwa UN Goodness Ambassador .Basi nitaendelea kufanya PR, kwa sababu PR inanisaidia” retorted Mr Mbuvi.

Loosely translated as ”I did PR and became a member of parliament,did it became a Senator , did PR to become a Governor and now i’m a UN Goodness Ambassador.Indeed PR is of great help to me , so i will continue to engage in PR exercise”.

”If a common Mwananchi is in need of help and i’m in a position to help i will continue to help, let them call it whatever they want,because its them who elected me to office” added Governor Mbuvi.

Governor Sonko says the Turkana county exercise was not a one off event but follow ups are being done with consideration of the other 13 counties that have been adversely ravaged by drought, causing a severe famine that has put close to one million people at the brink of starvation .

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko in Turkana County. photo/Courtesy.


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