Sonko vows to revoke licenses for non-performing contractors at City Hall

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has blamed high-placed individuals for protecting non-performing contractors, who receive public money for contracts but do not deliver services meant to benefit mwananchi.

He said their days are numbered and promised to stop their contracts immediately.

The Governor announced his invitation to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, who he wants to step in and probe those contractors who collude with officers of the county government.

He admitted there are two or three corrupt officials in his Nairobi county but promised to deal with them, ruthlessly, to save Nairobi.

Speaking during the opening of Ole Sangale Link Road in Nairobi’s South B ward.

The governor added that at least 89 kilometers have been completed in Nairobi, which is equivalent to 62 new roads.

Another 85 kilometers of old roads are being rehabilitated.

The construction of Ole Sangale road, built at a cost KSh32million, commenced in August 2018 and came to completion in February 2019.

“We are going to revoke contracts of the construction companies taking ages to completion and blacklist them,” said Sonko, warning cartels involved in closing water for their own selfish motives that their days were numbered.

“’Time of politics. The county Government of Nandi recently sent several high ranking officials home because of corruption but nobody complained but when I did  the same here, I was accused and blamed for all the bad reason. I will not spare anybody involved with corruption.”

He assured the youth that his Government will provide modern sheds for car washing and garages as a way of providing jobs.


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