Sonko gives Star newspaper three days to apologize over HIV status story

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is now demanding an apology from Radio Africa Group Limited following a story published on 7 June 2019 alleging that a HIV report helped him out of Kamiti Prison.

According to his lawyer – Cecil Miller, if the apology is not issued within three days, they will immediately commence legal proceedings against the publication.

Miller has said the article not only showed that the governor was an immoral person suffering from AIDS but also as a fugitive who escaped from lawful custody hence unfit to hold public office.

“The publication has inflicted great prejudice to and has caused our said client extreme damage to his otherwise good reputation as a businessman and community leader especially as the elected Governor of the County of Nairobi,” states the letter from the lawyers.

He said that the publication had caused the Governor public ridicule, scandal, odium and contempt as the statements and innuendos.

Further, the newspaper has been accused for publishing the story without evidence to support it, adding that it had damaged the governor’s reputation.

“We hereby do for and on behalf of our said client an immediate publication of an apology and a retraction of your said defamatory statements upon which the issue of quantum damages due to our client can be gone into,” stated the letter. 


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