Shame as Nyamira County government ignores ECDE, facilities in deplorable state

The County government of Nyamira is on the spot following revelations that most public schools are lacking the basic necessities for the early child development education centres.

This is contrary to reports being circulated to residents that all the ECDE learning centres were done to the required standards.

When our reporter visited Mote Oguto PAG Primary school recently, the situation of the learning center was in a deplorable state and which pose great dangers to the young learners.

The structure being used by the kids is a disaster in waiting, owing to its bad state.

The roofs are either leaking or some parts of the roof have no iron sheets, leaving the kids to be either scourged or rained on.

The floor is dusty and not maintained which can cause respiratory problems and unending flu.

Learners are also at risk of being attacked by lice.

The walls are built of old rusty sheets, mostly broken and hanging loosely exposing them to untold injuries during play time.

An adult can easily slip and drop into the old, tired pit latrines which can leave one wondering how the toddlers even manage to use them.

The floors are long worn out and the school management, together with the community, decided to lay off cuts to serve as a floor.

The state of the latrines are so worse that they can cave in any time as heavy rains are pouring in the area.

A number of schools confirmed they have never received any assistance from the county government, which, as per the constitution, should handle ECDE matters.

The deputy head teacher said only the area Member of Parliament – Ben Momanyi, has done a latrine through the Constituency Development Fund 2018/19 financial year.

Attempts to persuade the county government through the area Ward representative have fallen on deaf ears.

Executive committee member for Education, Gladys Momanyi, says she is not aware of the situation but asked the school management to write a proposal to her office for assistance.

“I cannot really tell the situation of the facility but I urge the administration to do a proposal to my office so as we can see how best we can handle the situation,” she said.


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