Ruto: Referendum not about rewarding politicians

Deputy President William Ruto now says he backs a referendum only on condition that it does not happen to benefit politicians but Kenyans.

Ruto cautioned against politicians using constitutional changes to create positions for themselves in government, saying ordinary citizens were more concerned with what the government would better do for them and not which politician gets what position.

“The only change Kenyans want is change to do with water, education for their children, health, and infrastructure and not changes in the political fortunes of politicians,” said Ruto.

“We cannot always be talking about politics and politicians it’s time we put the interests of Kenyans first.”

Ruto was speaking in Lokichar, Turkana County on Saturday, just a day after NASA leader Raila Odinga told Kenyans to be ready for major political changes after the Building Bridges Initiatives report is released later this year.

Ruto accused Odinga and those pushing for constitutional changes of pushing personal selfish agenda.

He said competition for positions and power ended during the last General Election, saying it was now time for leaders to focus on development.

Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok also echoed Ruto’s sentiments, saying those calling for constitutional changes should come out clear over the issue adding that they will not allow anyone to interfere with the devolved unit of governance.

“We will not accept any constitutional changes that will interfere with the Counties, we will object any move to merge Counties because devolution has transformed many lives,” said Nanok.

Nanok further said that Governors from Rift Valley are united and will speak in one voice, adding that Kenyans are looking towards the Rift to give them directions for 2022.


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