Ruaka residents ordered to vacate apartment after wall collapses

Residents of an apartment block in Ruaka, Nairobi, have been ordered out after a section of the parking lot caved in on Wednesday.

Five vehicles were damaged when the parking space caved in due to construction work at an adjacent plot.

A resident of the block said the incident occurred was a result of the heavy rains.

“At around 2.15am following a long night of rains, we heard a loud sound like thunder and immediately, our watchmen came knocking on our doors and when we went outside, we realized that part of the perimeter wall had collapsed and part of the parking had caved in,” Danny Mungai was quoted by Capital FM.


Residents are now counting losses, with fears of more damage in the remaining section.

“Some cars were hanging on the edge, and there was one car which was inside the ditch. There is some construction going on just next door to our apartments. We were able to remove our cars.

“We managed to pull three cars from the edge, but unfortunately we were not able to remove some cars.”


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