Residents of Nairobi’s East Gate community protest over poor roads

Residents of East Gate road community in Nairobi’s industrial area are up in arms, lamenting about apparent neglect by the Nairobi County service delivery programme.

They are complaining of poor unpaved roads and decided to march through the swamped roads, carrying twigs claiming Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko had abandoned them.

Efforts to get to the county leadership have been unsuccessful, causing them untold frustration.

John Milimu, a resident in the area says theirs is a story of immense suffering, especially when it rains as the roads become impassable for both pedestrians and motorists.

Factories and other business establishments around General Motors, stretching to Elgon Kenya Kengrow and Mombasa Road Police post towards National park are counting their losses, amounting to billions of shillings.

According to Milimu, many companies have laid off their employees due to lack of business on account of poor roads that make the area difficult to navigate, limiting access by customers.

According to the residents, one trailor getting stuck on the said roads, it causes long hours of traffic snarl up.

“Like now as you can see, the roads are pathetic. When you pass here, you must see a shoe shiner, roads look like swimming pools,” a resident said.

“This is  not the Nairobi we have been yearning for. We need quick intervention by our Nairobi Governor and the legislators involved.”

Milimu said they have tried  along with other members of the East Gate road community to talk with the  Roads & infrastructure Cabinet secretary Hon.James Macharia about the issue  but nothing has borne fruits.


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