Relief as rains finally start pouring in parts of Kenya after prolonged dry spell

Kenyans were relieved to see the rains finally start falling in parts of the country after a lengthy dry spell that led to drought in several counties, where food relief is now required.

The meteorological department had issued alerts that rainfall would be experienced from this week, citing Western Kenya, Central and South Rift Valley as areas to experience showers and thunderstorms.

Nairobi and parts of Central Kenya were also included in their forecast.

The capital had rains in several parts including the Central Business District to relief its dwellers of the dust that they had lived with in the months of March and April, contrary to previous years. The two months are normally characterized by heavy downpours in the city but this year has been starkly different.

While Nairobians maybe wary of the aftermath of the rain in the context of blocked sewerage and drainage systems, the drops of rain are a huge relief and they would hope that recent efforts by Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s government to unclog the city drainage and sewer lines will save them of the past experiences.


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