Malala urges Kenyan Kwanza parties to dissolve and join UDA

Malala's call for Kenya Kwanza to dissolve and join forces with William Ruto's United Democratic Alliance party seems like a logical next step, given the current political landscape

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Malala urges Kenyan Kwanza parties to dissolve and join UDA
Malala urges Kenyan Kwanza parties to dissolve and join UDA.

The United Democratic Alliance newly appointed Secretary General, Cleophas Malala, has urged all parties in the Kenya Kwanza alliance to dissolve and join the ruling party UDA. Speaking during a press conference, Mr. Malala said that the ruling party is the only party that can bring about the much-needed change in Kenya. He said that the UDA is committed to uniting the country and its people, and that all other parties should join forces with the UDA to achieve this goal.

Malala’s call for Kenya Kwanza to dissolve and join forces with William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance party seems like a logical next step, given the current political landscape. It’s clear that the status quo is not working for Kenya Kwanza, and joining forces with a party that has already gained momentum and traction could be a way to ensure continued success.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Secretary General, Cleophas Malala, has called for the dissolution of all political parties in Kenya, saying that it is a “contempt” to the president to be in cabinet and belong to another party. Malala said that all parties should join UDA and have one strong party.

Some of the parties that form the Kenya Kwanza include Musalia Mudavadi’s ANC, Moses Wetangula’s Ford Kenya and Dr Alfred Mutua’s MCC, among others. According to Malala, these parties must unite under UDA as a demonstration of loyalty and support to the head of state. He cites ANC in South Africa and CCM in Tanzania as examples of parties that have successfully navigated similar challenges.

Malala believes that the unity of these parties under UDA is essential in order to create a strong and stable government that can effectively serve the people of Kenya. He urges all members of the Kenya Kwanza to put aside their differences and work together for the good of the Kenyan people.

Interestingly, Malala was a member of Musalia Mudavadi’s ANC before he was appointed into his current position. Malala is now the Minister of Education in Kenya. Musalia Mudavadi is the current Vice President of Kenya.

Malala speaking at a rally in Nakuru said that we can only have one boss and commander at a time, and that our current commander is William Samoei Ruto. She went on to say that everyone needs to support him in order for the country to move forward.

This comes as the ruling party continues to face criticism from the Opposition over its handling of the economy and other issues. In response, Malala has vowed to raid the Opposition’s stronghold in an attempt to consolidate the ruling party’s power across the country. This move is sure to further heighten the tension between the two sides, and could potentially lead to further violence and conflict.

“My first assignment is to open a UDA party office in Kisumu. We have registered 5,325 members in the County. Kisumu is going to be painted yellow,” said Malala”.

I am really excited to be given this opportunity to open a UDA office in Kisumu. There is a lot of support for the party in the county and I am confident that we will be able to increase our membership significantly. I would like to invite all residents of Kisumu to come and visit our office and find out more about what we stand for. Together, we can make Kisumu a vibrant and prosperous place to live.

As secretary general, I want to ensure that the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) grows to 15 million members. I have already started a membership drive to attract new members and grow the party. I believe that the UDA can be a powerful force for good in the world, and I am committed to growing the party so that it can make an even greater impact. With 15 million members, the UDA would be one of the largest political parties in the world, and we would be able to achieve great things.

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