Police roadblocks to be authorized only by regional bosses

Traffic checkpoints and roadblocks on highways will be mounted only with the express authority of a regional commander in new traffic changes announced by police headquarters Wednesday.

In a statement to newsrooms, the National Police Service insisted that such checkpoints should be justified and rationalized.

Respective regional commanders have been cautioned that they will be held responsible in case of misconduct at any roadblock within their respective jurisdictions.

“The streamlining is already on course as can be confirmed by the number of checks currently in place from Mombasa to Malaba,” read the police statement.

The move, according to the police is meant to “streamline police management of traffic.”

This comes as a reprieve to motorists, since corrupt traffic officers have in the past used the roadblocks to extort them, turning road users into cash cows.

Motorists have been urged to desist from engaging in corrupt activities, as the National Police Service moves to redeem the department’s tainted image.

This, the police headquarters said, “calls for both parties to not only desist from corrupt activities but to also stand against such by reporting them to relevant authorities.”


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