Police link Kibra arson incident to feud involving three lesbians

Police are pursuing a lady believed to have started a fire in Kibra that destroyed more than 40 houses, in a suspected love triangle involving lesbians.

According to locals and authorities who spoke to Capital News, the suspect caused a scuffle that left another lady with serious injuries.

She is said to have been angered by her lover’s betrayal after finding her with another woman on Sunday.

The injured lady was rushed to the hospital by “her new found lover.”

The deluded arsonist, believed to be a foreigner, then proceeded to torch a house, with the fire spreading first within the highly populated slum.

Some 100 people were left without a place to call home according to a local Chief.

“The fire fighters were not able to access the area due to lack of roads,” the area Chief Hilary Chumo told Capital News.

Gay sex is illegal under the Kenyan law with those found culpable liable to 14 years imprisonment.

A recent court ruling upheld the ban.

There are some 70 countries in the world where same-sex relationships are illegal – with Africa having the highest number.

South Africa has legalized gay marriage and recently, their neighbours Botswana followed suit.


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