Nyamira: Form Two student was murdered, report shows

The controversy surrounding a Form Two student’s death at St. Don Bosco Secondary School in Masaba North Sub County could be far from over as postmortem report indicates a possible murder.

According to the report, 16-year old Wycliffe Okioi had head injuries that caused internal bleeding, which complicates the nature surrounding his death.

Suicide notes were discovered kept in his locker the day his decomposed body was found dumped at the school latrine adjacent to the main gate, 15 days after he was reported to have disappeared from the institution.

A case which had been treated as suicide could now change tune and investigation recommenced to trace his last moves from the day he allegedly disappeared on 19th May.

An officer privy to the investigations, who sought anonymity, ruled out suicide contrary to what had been speculated earlier to be the cause of the teenager’s death.

He wondered how the boy’s hands were tied to the front and then hang himself and at the same time lock from inside the latrine where the body was retrieved.

His hands were tied with mosquito net string and another tied around his neck as another piece was loosely hanging from the roof top f the latrine.

“There’s foul play in the whole incident and the postmortem report has changed the whole story. We are now looking into how the boy was murdered and how his body was brought to the scene where we collected it from, 15 days after his disappearance, we are going to trace his last moves from the date he disappeared to establish the circumstances surrounding his death,” said the police officer.

Earlier on, the DCI had collected the deceased’s exercise books and the suicide notes for forensic investigations. The handwritings however matched.

In the suicide note, the distressed boy warned those who could tamper with his belonging in the event he died.

“The late had been suffering for many times……..my properties ,books and even the box may only be opened by my parents……..If so……..my spirit will resist on someone I won’t mention him. It is a secret’, read the note.

 The Police Officer told this reporter that they would question the school security officers, the boarding master and the Wycliffe’s class teacher and the Principal to trace the last moves of the boy.

“Expect arrests any time from today as we want to establish what might have transpired between 19th May to 3rd June when the decomposing body was discovered, we want to ensure that justice to him and his family is served,” he said.

Questions are being asked on why the school Principal Mr. Samuel Mabeya took almost two weeks to inform the deceased’s family and even to the security officers.

 The Principal is said to have informed Okioi’s family of his disappearance on 31st May, 12 days after he went missing.

Why it took him so long to inform the late’s parents and immediate family members despite the institution having boarding facilities.

“We are establishing where there the body was kept for all this time and later dumped at the latrine barely 10 meters from the main gate which is under 24 hour surveillance by security persons,” he said.

The latrines where the body was retrieved are said to be not in use and are next to a path way from where the students access their meals from the school kitchen.

The body is still lying at Masaba Hospital Mortuary awaiting burial. 


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