Nyamira County: KPLC urges customers to follow legal procedures when seeking services

Kenya Power and Lighting Company has urged its customers in Nyamira County to use official laid down procedures when seeking services.

County branch manger Duncan Machuka told the media how many clients had been duped and lost money to masqueraders, who pose as KPLC employees.

He said the company had been forced to disconnect several homes within the county after being illegally connected to national power grid without following due processes.

“I want to call upon the residents who want to seek the services of KPLC to ensure they follow the due process of acquiring power to their homesteads,” he said.

“We have in the past month had to disconnect over 100 homes across the county which have been illegally connected, this illegal connection is costing the company a big loss and also poses a great risk to the users as the connections are not verified by an authorized personnel.”

Machuka said illegal power connections were rampant in the region and warned those who would be caught in the mess of dire consequences noting that the connections caused economic sabotage through unnecessary power outages.

“We are doing surveillance on our lines for any illegal connections because the threat they cause the company and our economy, we won’t take the illegal exercises lightly,” warned Machuka.

Machuka urged the residents to always verify the true staff of KPLC through a digital platform named JuaForSure by sending the staff member’s number to 95551 to ensure they are dealing with the right person.

The manager also hinted at a possibility of the Nyamira County Government entering into a deal with KPLC to light major towns within the county which have been in darkness for a long time.

The County government had earlier on installed solar lamps which have since been helpless as most of them have gone off and non-functional.


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