Nelson Marwa: Questions over KSh117.2 million child welfare money under PS watch

A Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Labour is on the spot over KSh117 million disbursement to the Child Welfare Society of Kenya at the end of 2019.

Kurunzi can reveal Nelson Marwa, the accounting officer in the State Department of Social Protection did was aware of the money being disbursed to the account held at Kenya Commercial Bank, Capital Hill branch but the questions arising are on the premise that that account was opened without following due process.

Further concern, which had been expressed by activist Okiya Omtatah, emanate from the fact that the account signatories are unauthorised as per the CWSK Trust Deed.

Kurunzi can reveal that mercenaries from Treasury, who may have been acting on instructions from a Cabinet Secretary (we won’t name at this stage), authorised the opening of the account and designated signatories, including a junior officer from the CWSK accounts department.

The CWSK accountant is one Ben Oloo, who may have been the conduit through which the money was spent without authority.

The account remains frozen and while impeccable sources, including a member of the board of trustees, have told Kurunzi that part of the KSh117.2 million had been withdrawn but it’s not clear how much was remaining in the account by the time of freezing by the High Court.

Information that Kurunzi has verified show that a hurriedly-convened meeting of a board appointed by former Labour CS Ukur Yattany passed a resolution, which minutes are in our possession, to open the account without the approval of the trustees.

The board passed the resolution just two days after it was installed, appointed on a Monday and sitting on a Monday resolving to open new account.

“It’s very strange that the board was very quick to sit and their first agenda was to suspend the CEO and open new accounts,” a source told Kurunzi.

“The PS (Nelson Marwa) may have been hoodwinked because I don’t think he knows what is going on so the best thing for him is to come out clean on the matter.

“Otherwise, he will end up in trouble over an issue he knows very little about.”


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