‘Neglected’ woman defends hospital, says Shalom not to blame after facility staff are arrested

The woman who was allegedly neglected while in labour at Shalom Hospital in Athi River now says she was not neglected.

She is still at the hospital with her new-born baby.

Her reaction came only hours after the hospital administrator and a nurse had been arrested for neglecting the woman who was giving birth following a video that went viral on social media.

Haikuwa vile mlisikia huko nje. Ilikuwa dakika ya mwisho na hakuna kuzuia sasa nilifika hivi na hakukuwa otherwise. Vile nilifika tu hospitali mtoto akatoka (It was not as you heard out there. It was last minute and there was nothing they could have done because I just arrived and there was no otherwise. The baby came out immediately I got to the hospital),” she told Citizen TV.

Hakuna mwenye alinibeba vibaya, hakuna mwenye alikuwa amelegea. Mimi nasema mwenye ameshikwa aachiliwe. Hakuna mwenye ako na makosa (Nobody neglected me, I was not ignored. Whoever has been should be let free, nobody was on the wrong.

“Kwanza mwenye alichukua hiyo video ndio anafaa kushtakiwa, nilidhani in daktari. Amenikosea sana (In fact the who recorded the video should be the one to be charged, I thought he was a doctor. They have really offended me.”

Thomas Ndolo and Edna Nyarangi were arrested Sunday following an incident in which the nurses at the hospital allegedly abandoned the lady and watched her deliver on the floor.

Chief Executive Officer Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board – Daniel Yumbya had earlier led a team of medical officers from the national government and intelligence officers to the hospital to investigate the

Ndolo and Nyarangi were arrested for mishandling a patient.


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