IG orders removal of unnecessary road blocks, warns corrupt cops

Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai has ordered the removal of one of the road blocks at the JKIA junction or Mlolongo on Mombasa Road.

“Complaints have reached my office. Na nimeskia (And I have heard). I do not see any need of having a road block near airport as you are coming from Machakos and then another one at Mlolongo. One can serve us,” he said when he opened five bungalows constructed for police officers by the Machakos County Government.

At the same time, Joseph Boinett’s successor said he would not tolerate cases of corruption among police officers on the roads.

“I have called all my members from the stations that we become zero tolerant to officers involved in corruption in our roads,” he averred, adding that reducing the number of road blocks on Kenyan roads.


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