Muranga bursts avocado revolution bubble as governor distributes out free seedlings to farmers

Farmers in Murang’a County will benefit from avocado seedlings of hass hybrid variety as a way of reducing food insecurity in the county. Governor Mwangi wa Iria said his administration will distribute up to 500,000 seedlings free of charge.

In his speech at Kiharu Stadium on Wednesday, Wa Iria said his aim was to have every home own at least one avocado tree as the minimum.

“This year, the county has planned to issue one million seedlings where we are starting with 500,000 and the other half will follow in October,” Wa Iria said.

During this exercise, every registered person will have four seedlings to take care of even during dry seasons.

The distribution started in Kahuro and Gatanga sub-counties, on Wednesday and Friday (31 May) respectively. More than 150,000 homes had registered for the free seedlings across the county where each and every farmer will join an avocado co-operative.

“There is a ready market for the product and no one should lie to you. In 2013, farmers sold a single piece at a shilling but now, at least 10 shillings is what a farmer can reap though not enough,” he said.

“Anyone buying the product from any farmer will have to buy graded ones and not buy randomly as they do now. We will use special rings that will be used to grade it and every farmer will have it.”

Hass avocado trees start yielding at 2 ½ years where it can produce 500 pieces and the more it ages, the better; 4,000 – 6,000 pieces a year. He declared 22May every year as Murang’a Avocado Day which the county government and farmers will be meeting to deliberate on the way forward to better that crop production.

Produce pasteurized milk

Meanwhile, dairy farmers are now enjoying lucrative milk prices of more than KSh35 per litre, up from the KSh10 back in 2013.

Governor Wa Iria disclosed the county had built a milk plant in the region that will cater for their milk needs. Though in its test stage, the plant can produce pasteurized milk in 200ml and 500ml packaging, a move that will benefit the farmer more.

Milk will be supplied to schools where the county government will cancel the contract it has with the current supplier once the house becomes in order.

“The county will buy milk, supply to schools and then the money will go back to the farmer with a higher value compared to now.”

 Also, the county will start a database of all newly-born children from the county where they will be supplied with milk with specific nutrition value to supplement breast milk; which in some cases is not enough.

It will be dubbed “TOTO AFYA” and will dictate how many times a child will be given the milk and up to what age.

Water provision disappointment

More than 300,000 households have registered for piped water, with 50,000 of them already having access to the county boss’ disappointment.

“PS Irungu Wairagu, where is KSh6 billion that the national government released for Murang’a County? Still where is KSh40 million released in around February or March to curb drought in the county,”  A visibly angered Wa Iria posed. 

He said that he will change all water meter and introduce digital ones to reduce exploitation by the relevant water bodies and theft.

“I have ordered the procurement department to purchase two borehole drillers which will go round the villages drilling. Also each and every ward will have a permanent water tank that will carry 1 million litres of water that will be supplied to locals free of charge.”


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