Media council sets up team to vet media practitioners’ associations

The Media Council of Kenya has set up a team to review operations of media associations after receiving alarming reports and complaints about the conduct and operations of media associations and support groups.

The team’s mandate will include to ensure better coordination of the activities of media associations and media support groups.

Terms of reference

  • Ensure better targeting of media interventions and resources from local and international funding agencies.
  • Avoid and minimize duplication trough abuse of intellectual property mostly through copying of funding proposals, reports and other information.
  • Identify and eliminate spurious groups and cartels thriving on misrepresentation and external interests.
  • Aggregate and accredit qualified media trainers and mentors to assist in the design and deployment of credible, relevant media training and mentorship activities throughout the country

Members of the review committee will be as follows

  1. Mutegi Njau – Chairman
  2. Sam Kamau – Member
  3. Njeri Rugene – Member
  4. Jamilla Mohammed – Member
  5. Lilian Odera – Member
  6. Rose Lukalo – Member
  7. Judy Kaberia – Member


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