LSK president statement condemning government brutality against peaceful protesters

The wave of police brutality on peaceful protesters, abductions and killings of innocent Kenyans has pushed us to review our approach and involvement in this noble campaign for Justice for all Kenyans
Law Society of Kenya has condemned the move by police to interfere with the peaceful protests organized by Kenyans in Nairobi on Tuesday over the Finance Bill 2024. PHOTO/COURTESY

Fellow Kenyans, once more we wake up to a sad day!

Extra-Judicial killings, incidents of police abductions, torture and being kept in communicado for several days, are back like never before!

Reports that we have received indicate that about 50 young Kenyans have so far been abducted including my own personal assistant Ernest Nyerere who was picked up from his residence this morning at 5.00am.

We are still looking for Shadrack Kiprono aka Shad Khalif, Osama Otero, Gabriel Oguda, John Frank Githiaka-Franje, Drey Mwangi, Worldsmith, Hilla254 and many more who we are yet to identify.

Our forefathers were taken through the same treatment by the white man in pre-independent Kenya but they never gave up. 

When the colonial courts jailed more than 500 Mau Mau supporters in September 1952 without legal representation, Argwings K’Odhek single handedly took on the formidable challenge of defending their (Mau Mau) rights by arguing in court that “Human rights are indivisible and universal thus, freedom cannot be appropriate in the West but inapplicable in Africa.”

Fellow Advocates and people of good will, Argwings K’Odhek set the bar for us and we must live up to his dream of a free and united Kenya.

But first, I have a message to the international community who for a second week running, remain quiet and tight lipped.  

Are you proud of what is happening in Kenya? Is this your gameplan for Kenya as a non-NATO ally?

Rex Kanyike Masai was peacefully protesting last Thursday, June 20 when a trigger-happy individual shot him dead within the CBD and on the same day, Evans Kiratu was allegedly struck by a tear gas canister in his groin during the protests. Kiratu would later succumb to his injuries the following day at Kenyatta National Hospital.

The death of Rex Kanyike and Evans Kiratu happened just days after a chief inspector of police killed a magistrate during active court proceedings at Makadara Law courts in Nairobi.

Like Willie Kimani, the list of Kenyans killed by law enforcers keeps growing and we cannot continue to be silent. No, it cannot be a trend. Because today it is Rex and tomorrow they may come for me and the day after, you, who is watching or listening.

On February 24th in 1965, Pio Gama Pinto was killed for allegedly engaging the then-president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta in a shouting match over sessional paper no. 10 which virtually legalized capitalism in Kenya.

However, Pinto’s death was not the end of it all; the struggle has continued to this day. The seed of struggle that was planted by our nation’s freedom fighters continues to bear fruits to this day.

Dear Mr. President, if the spirit of struggle did not die with our forefathers who were enslaved, tortured, maimed and eventually killed, what makes you think that it can end today?

I have seen dismissive remarks by politicians and some government officials all over mainstream and social media about the role of Gen Z in shaping Kenya’s future. It seems a number of our leaders think that this is some kind of joke or a game that will soon end or simply fade away. Well, if that is so, then please note that we will no longer continue to be pawns in a game of chess.

The wave of police brutality on peaceful protesters, abductions and killings of innocent Kenyans has pushed us to review our approach and involvement in this noble campaign for Justice for all Kenyans.

We call upon all Advocates, other professional bodies and Kenyans of good will to stand up for this country. Let us stand for Peace, let Justice Be Our Shield and Defender.



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