KTA: We will shut down parliament, key govt offices

Kenya Bora Tuitakayo (KBT) assemblies press statement on the Finance Act 2023, Corruption in the Kenya Kwanza administration and Moses Kuria's impunity.
KTA: We will shut down parliament, key govt offices

Kenyans from all the sectors of our nation having rejected the Finance Bill (93% of Kenyans), have watched as President Ruto intimidated the National Assembly to pass the draconian
Finance Bill 2023 which he has assented into Law this morning.

A while ago, The Senate of Kenya slashed the funds for county governments from Kshs 408b as advised by the CRA to
Kshs 385 b denying the counties more than 28b! Both Houses of Parliament have confirmed that they do not represent the people of Kenya but the Presidency.

Parliament has generally refused to do its oversight work. Reports of endemic corruption in the ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of the National Executive are now a daily

The wastage we have witnessed by national government officials at a time when county governments were crippled confirm to us that Parliament is no longer an institution
for securing the interests of Kenyans.

The few MPs who care have become too few to make a
difference. It is very evident that a very large number of Azimio MPs and most Independent MPs have decided to side with President Ruto to sabotage the economy and push the people of Kenya into suffering.

They have sided with a government that is taking food out of our children’s mouths to finance corruption and wastage.
Because the executive and Parliament have declared a war on the people, we have been forced to act as agents of necessity.

We shall therefore commence a programme of “TAKING
BACK OUR COUNTRY” from Saba Saba 2023 until we get in Kenya a Parliament that works to prevent and end the suffering of the people of Kenya.

In Particular, we shall coordinate actions that render all the MPs jobless until the day they declare that they shall be representing the people of Kenya, oversight the Executive and
make legislations for securing the interests of the people of Kenya.

KENYA BORA TUITAKAYO (KBT) ASSEMBLIES calls on all Kenyans to unite in demanding as follows:

A. KENYA BORA TUITAKAYO calls on all Kenyans to come out and REJECT the Finance Act as assented to law this morning in toto. That Finance Act is aimed at destroying
our economy and to impoverish our families, businesses, institutions in order to give the government more money to steal.

We have listed these few demands amongst the 21 policy decisions we want repealed in that Act

i. We demand that the VAT on fuel products be reduced to the 8% that is in force. We also demand the removal of the other taxes on fuel products so that we bring down the cost of a litre of petrol to less than Kshs 125 for Petrol pump price as a measure of reviving the economy. Fuel costs impact on every aspect of the economy as President Ruto eloquently explained during the campaign period.

ii. The 1.5% Housing tax be scrapped in toto. Our estimate is that by introducing the 21 offensive taxes, nearly 2m jobs are threatened. The mjengo and mabati/cement sales jobs the government is talking about are actually not verifiable in the tax and cost of fuel and energy that is going to result from this adverse over taxation law.

iii. The Increased taxes on airtime, mobile money transfer, content creation etc be scrapped completely.

iv. Taxation of Insurance payments be scrapped in toto.

v. We want the Budget cut from Kshs 3.68 Tr to a Kshs 2.99 Tr Budget. This will remove all the budgeted corruption in the budget for example the Kshs 11.2 b UPI IDs corrupt project.

vi. That a forensic audit of public debt be carried out by August 15th to the save the country probably Kshs 800 b that is odious and corrupt debt.

vii. This is a defining moment for our country. KENYA BORA TUITAKAYO further demands That by Saba Saba Day 2023, the cost of electricity be restored to what it was in September 2022 when Ruto was sworn-in where Kshs 1,000 purchased 61
units of electricity in Nairobi. This cost has been doubled to 31 Units of electricity per Kshs 1000. This has crippled all households and jua kali, hospitals, schools and every user of energy. WE SHALL NOT TOLERATE THIS exploitation.

viii. That by 7/7, the cost of sugar be reduced to Kshs 90 per Kilo of sugar and Kshs 179 for 2Kgs of Sugar.

ix. That all Unga and a select number of food items including bread be zero rated to enable Kenyans to have food in their stomachs.

x. That from 7/7, we shall embark on closing down and dissolving Parliament, while invoking the Article 1 powers of the People of Kenya.

B. The over taxation Act (The Finance Bill 2023) was according to the President, necessary to increase taxes in order to reduce borrowing. Borrowing has actually increased alongside wastage and plunder.

In the cooking oil and imported commodities scandal, two individual ministers have led to the country possibly losing
Ksh 10b in one corrupt transaction. The Kenyan problem has never been lack of taxes to run the government and deliver services.

It has always been a problem of the wanton stealing of nearly Kshs 700bn annually through budgeted corruption. Mr.
Moses Kuria and Mr. Mithika Linturi and their ministries must both be investigated by an independent body in order for Kenya to recover all the revenue that may have been lost through this heist. They cannot be investigated while they are in office. WE SHALL FORCE THE OUT OF OFFICE.

Bishop David Oginde the Chairman of EACC is hereby put on notice.

C. The attack on the media by Moses Kuria and endorsed by President Ruto is an attack on a whole pillar of our democracy. If this is let to stand, no media house will have the courage to do an expose on corruption. We therefore shall stand for MEDIA freedom and independence for the sake of our democracy and good governance in Kenya.


In Kenya, no one can attack the media and escape the wrath of the people of Kenya.

We finally remind William Ruto that Kenya is a Republic not a monarchy. President Ruto must act according to our constitution and in response to the will of the people of Kenya to avoid a confrontation that he will surely be the loser in.

We remind him that President Kibaki’s Administration which had a 62% mandate of the people of Kenya, never governed
using intimidation and use of force. With a 50.04% mandate in a presidential election that is still being contested, President Ruto MUST NOT try to rule in disregard of the Constitution
of Kenya and the will of the people of Kenya as outlined in Article 73 (1) (b) of the Constitution as follows:

Authority assigned to a State officer (b) vests in the State Officer the responsibility to serve the people, rather than the power to rule them. The President now must know that he has declared war on the people of Kenya and we shall show him who donated power to him.

Cyprian Orina-Nyamwamu
Convener Kenya Bora Tuitakayo
Future of Kenya Foundation Director,

Reuben Kigame
Co-convener, Kenya Bora Tuitakayo and
leader of JENGA MKENYA

Adv. Rebecca Wangui – Co-convener
Otieno Ombok – Co-convener
Prof Ogolla Fred – Co-convener
Linus I. Luchenya – Steering Committee Member
Denzel Okari – Steering Committee Member
Eng Magoka James – Steering Committee Member, UASU

THE THIRD LIBERATION is the socio-economic liberation of all Kenyans from crippling corrupt taxes, embezzlement and corruption deals, the killing of our industries through the importation barons, odious debts that have swallowed 80% of our revenue, the continued neocolonial exploitation of our land & natural resources for a song and the crippling of devolution by the centralists among other enemies.

All Kenyans have a right to food, education, healthcare, a right
to work (employment an income), a right to development, Security, housing, social security. The 3rd liberation is only possible if we can secure the SECOND LIBERATION- Democratic governance and upholding of the human rights of all Kenyans and if we can finalize the FIRST LIBERATION Freeing Kenya from foreign control, domination and occupation of Kenya economically, politically and socio culturally.

This vision is summarized in the 4Rs in our Logo: Restoration of Utu Values, Reconstruction of our economy, renewal of democratic, good governance and Service delivery and Reconciliation and National Healing.

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