KTA: Kenyans must resist early signs of Ruto dictatorship

Kenya Bora Tuitakayo Assemblies press statement on the Finance Bill 2023, Corruption in Kenya Kwanza administration and CS Moses Kuria's impunity.
KTA: Kenyans must resist early signs of Ruto dictatorship
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Trade CS Moses Kuria decided to attack the Nation Media Group with the intention of intimidating the NMG and indeed to all media houses from exposing corrupt deals in this Kenya Kwanza administration.

The second objective was to try and remove the attention of the Kenyan people from the effects of the lethal Finance Bill which if signed to law by President William Ruto will spell doom over the Kenyan economy and lead to the impoverishment and massive unemployment of millions of Kenyans.

We the Steering Committee of Kenya Bora Tuitakayo (KBT) Assemblies want to inform Mr. Moses Kuria and President William Ruto that none of these two objectives will be achieved. Instead;

1) We demand that Moses Kuria be relieved of the ministerial position that he holds in the government of Kenya because he has violated the Constitution of the republic of Kenya in Article 73. His position as minister is no longer tenable. He can not offend the Republic by defying the Constitution and still remain in office. He must quit office.

2) Mr. Mithika Linturi must resign or step aside as CS for Agriculture as well so that both him and Mr Moses Kuria can be investigated to establish their roles in the corrupt cooking oil corruption heist.

3) President Ruto is hereby urged to issue a public apology to the NMG after sacking Mr Moses Kuria as Cabinet Secretary to show that Mr. Kuria’s berserk acts are not the policy of the Kenya Kwanza administration that Mr Ruto heads. The President vowed to uphold the Constitution.

Wanton stealing

Kenya Bora Tuitakayo Assemblies calls on all Kenyans to unite in stating as follows:

A. The over taxation bill (The Finance Bill 2023) is, according to the President, necessary to secure taxes in order to reduce borrowing. In the cooking oil scandal, two individuals have led to the country possibly losing KSh 5.6b in one corrupt transaction.

The Kenyan problem has never been lack of taxes to run the government and deliver services. It has always been a problem of the wanton stealing of nearly KSh 700b annually through budgeted corruption.

Mr. Moses Kuria and Mr. Mithika Linturi must both be investigated by an independent body in order for Kenya to recover all the revenue that may have been lost through this heist. They can not be investigated while they are in office.

B. The attack on the media is an attack on a whole pillar of our democracy. If this is let to stand, no media house will do an expose on corruption. This is how the pillars and drivers of Accountability are weakened and then destroyed.

We shall stand for media freedom and independence for our own sake not for the media’s sake. In Kenya, no one can attack the media and escape the wrath of the people of Kenya. Moses Kuria shall serve as an example.

C. Kenya Bora Tuitakayo calls on all Kenyans to come out and tell President Ruto not to sign the Finance Bill into Law if he wants to stay in office as the President of Kenya. That Finance Bill is aimed at destroying our economy and to impoverish our families in order to give the government money to waste.

i. We demand that the VAT on petroleum products be reduced to the 5% so that we bring down the cost of a litre of petrol to a maximum of Kshs as a measure of reviving the economy

ii. The 1.5% Housing tax must be scrapped in total.

iii. The Increased taxes on airtime, mobile money transfer,

iv. Taxation of Insurance payments be scrapped in total.

v. we want the Budget cut from KShs 3.68 Tr to a KShs 2.99 Tr Budget. This will remove all the budgeted corruption in the budget for example the KShs 11.2 b UPI corrupt project.

This is a defining moment for our country.

Reject Finance Bill

Kenya Bora Tuitakayo demands as follows:

i) That by Saba Saba Day, the cost of electricity be restored to what it was in December 2022 where KShs 1,000 purchased 60 units of electricity in Nairobi. This cost has been double. Now with KShs 1,000, a household can only afford 31 Units of electricity. This is unacceptable.

ii) That the cost of sugar be reduced to KShs 90 per kilo and KShs 179 for 2Kgs of Sugar.

iii) That all Unga and a select number of food items including bread be zero rated to enable Kenyans to have food in their tables. This will reduce the cost of Unga substantially.

iv) That a forensic audit of public debt be carried out by August 15th 2023 to ascertain that we are not paying and borrowing to enrich individuals who are using their positions in office at the expense of the people of Kenya.

We finally urge President William Ruto to exercise power with restraint and while respecting the people of Kenya. We condemn his intimidation of MPs of the National Assembly with consequences if they do not vote YES for the Finance bill, when 93% of Kenyans have rejected the Finance Bill has been noted.

Kenya is a republic not a monarch. President Ruto must act according to our constitution and in response to the will of the people of Kenya to avoid a confrontation that he will surely be the loser in. President Kibaki Administration which had a 62% mandate of the people of Kenya never governed using intimidation and use of force.

With a 50.04% mandate in an election, which is contested as well, President Ruto MUST NOT try to rule in disregard of the Constitution of Kenya.

This statement was issued as a press statement by Kenya Bora Tuitakayo Assemblies pressure group on 22 June 2023.

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