KOT roast EABL, back Keroche over bitter bottle row pitting brewers

Kenyans on Twitter have come out strongly to condemn East African Breweries over their fight with Keroche Breweries, the former claiming the indigenously Kenyan brewers had infringed on their brown bottle rights.

Under the hashtag #BarOwnersRevolt, KOT urged each other to abandon their favourite EABL brands for Keroche products under the “Buy Kenya Build Kenya” mantra, accusing giant brewer EABL of unfair trade practices.


KOT devised all manner of trolls against EABL, including suggestions that Keroche products were good for the health of the people and even suggested brands from the Naivasha-based brewer had medicinal value.

Here are some of the tweets under the #BarOwnersRevolt hashtag:



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