KMPDU issues strike notice as it seeks better terms for Kirinyaga County members

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union will on Monday issue a seven-day notice for promotion, CBA implementation and improved working environment for its members in Kirinyaga County.

This comes after Kerugoya Level Four hospital sacked 346 casual workers after reports of its filthy situation on 20 April hit media headlines.

KMPDU national secretary general – Ouma Oluga, says each and every health officer should down their tools as it was previously directed.

Plugs claims some nurses have not been paid for nine months.

There are allegations that some nurses have already contracted hepatitis B disease due to the poor rate of cleanliness of the facility.

He wants governor Ann Waiguru to stop the blame game and take the responsibility of putting the hospital in order.
Kirinyaga County does not have a Facility Improvement Fund (FIF) account which caters for improving the hospital.

In the 2017/18 budget, Kirinyaga county gave no money for curative services, according to Oluga.

“The environment is very unsafe for patients and their relatives since the water poured on the grass is from cleaning the wards,” claims Dr Gurdip Kumar, KMPDU secretary general, lamenting how mothers were forced to clean their rooms in the maternity ward.

“In a case witnessed at Kimbimbi Hospital, a doctor was bitten by a snake in the line of duty after the hospital was left in a deplorable condition.

“The county lacks infection control measures, hence endangering the lives of so many individuals who visit the facility.”

Speaking at the same event, Kirinyaga senator – Charles Kibiru, insisted on the need to know how it happened and what should be done in future to avoid such occurrences.

“We must get to the bottom of the matter. We must ask the CEC who resigned to account as well as the fired casuals,” Kibiru said, adding he was negotiating for increased revenue for the county.

Senate health committee chairman, Micheal Gido, demanded to see the document of the 346 sacked casuals and the newly-employed 152.

“We must know the reason why the county just employed when they had laid off casuals,” insisted Gido.

“The casuals that were sacked have not been paid for 3 months and their cry has fallen on deaf ears.”

Gido said they will revisit the county in a few weeks’ time to access the situation and emphasized the need for doctors to consult with the county government when furthering their education to fill in the required personnel.

“Upgrading to Level Five primary health care is the most important thing that Kenyans need and I see no need to upgrade to level 5.”

He said he will see that dispensaries have started operating and make Kerugoya Hospital a referral hospital and the dispensaries be used for minor diseases.

“It is very untimely to upgrade the hospital now. Bettering the services is key.”

Kirinyaga County Woman Rep Purity Ngirici insisted on the need to cook healthy foods for the patients where she lamented buying imported rice instead of promoting Mwea rice farmers, a move that was supported by local MPs.

They also blamed the governor for employing 152 casuals as a reward of having political connections though some have dropped out citing difficulty in washing the hospital.

The senate team had visited the facility for a fact finding mission.



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