Kakamega twins future uncertain as Mevis goes her way

Three 20-year old girls who pledged to hold together despite a shocking revelation that two of them had been mysteriously switched at birth have been separated after one of the mothers reclaimed her biological daughter on Friday.

Drama unfolded when Mrs Angelina Omina, who was accompanied by police officers, took away her daughter, Mevis Imbaya, as relatives of the identical twins were preparing to meet Governor Wycliffe Oparanya accompanied with the girls

Melvis Imbaya who was raised up in Kakamega with one of the identical twin sisters, the other having brought up by her biological mother in Nairobi’s Kangemi, was taken away by Angeline Omina a week after DNA results confirmed that she was Omina’s biological daughter.

Mevis(center). She has since left kakamega and is set to start new life away from the twins. PHOTO/COURTESY

Bernard Muli, Kakamega County Police Commander, confirmed that Omina had left with Melvis for Nairobi.

Rosemary Onyango, the mother of the twins, had taken all the three girls with her to Kakamega as the two families involved in the matter resolved to allow the girls be raised up together.

Melvis’ mother however stormed the Kakamega homestead demanding to have her child in what took villagers in Kakamega’s Likuyani by surprise.

“She came insisting that since one of the twins had been confirmed not to be her daughter, she wanted take away Melvis because she cannot remain without a child,” Sehm Abuti who had all along raised Melvis as her granddaughter said.

The panic-stricken grandmother said she had taken aback while pleading for consensus on the now emotive twin saga that could see the Kakamega Referral Hospital, where the three girls were born, sued 

The twins – Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo – had lived in separate homes, miles apart, until they recently made a shocking discovery of their striking resemblance on Facebook.

A DNA analysis released by Lancet Laboratories in Nairobi on Saturday confirmed they were in fact identical twins stirring mixed feelings.

“They share identical DNA profiles with the 23 allelic loci tested show 100 per cent perfect match which is consistent with the two being biologically twins,” the laboratory report read.


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