IG Mutyambai says every ward to have at least a police station

The National Police Service is keen to have at least one police station in each of the 1,450 wards in the country.

Inspector General Hilary Mutyambai said during a visit to Kisumu on Monday the establishment of police stations at the lowest level of representation was part of ongoing police reforms whose implementation dates back to the tenure of his predecessor, Joseph Boinnet.

He said the reforms were in the last leg of implementation.

“Soon we will give details on what to do it, in two weeks time we will give full details on the implementation of this last phase,” he said.

Mutyambai said a single police command structure will be set up at the grassroots as a way of addressing security matters of the public.

He said the stations at the ward level will work closely with the community policing units to fight criminal elements in the country.

“We promised to give the best policing serves in the new stations,” Mutyambai said.

Addressing police heads in Kisumu, the police boss said the reforms are in line with the Constitution of the country that introduced devolution.

He says the reform is to transfer the Police to a professional, efficient and accountable police service that is trusted by all Kenyans.

The IG expressed his satisfaction with the directive he recently issued on traffic noting that the response from Kenyans are massive and positive.

Mutyambai said traffic from all quarters of the country is now flowing freely as a result of his directive.

He denied any upsurge in accidents as a result of the removal of roadblocks in the country noting that realignment of the traffic operations has saved Kenyans precious time they were wasting on the roadblocks.

“What we have done, we have not removed traffic operations, we have only removed areas that were not necessary,” he said.

Mutyambai said the high number of police officers who were seen littered on the road blocks will now be deployed to deserving areas to offer services to Kenyans.

Nyanza region being his first stop over in his planned familiarization tour of the regions, Mutyambai said the region has enjoyed immense peace and applauded his officers for great effort.

He said officers are dedicated to their work and will ensure Kenyans are provided with an all round security to their lives and property.

Nyanza regional police commander Vincent Makokha who accompanied the IG hailed the national government for revamping the Kisumu port.

Makokha said the port once operational will help in creating jobs to the youth who occasionally resort to violence.

“This is a major hub that is going to revitalize business in Nyanza region and I strongly believe that t is going to a major player in reduction of crime it is going to give our young people employment,” he said.


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