Hundreds of matatus impounded for illegal parking in Nairobi CBD

Over 100 matatus have been impounded in Nairobi for illegal parking within the Central Business District (CBD).

County Parking Services Director, Tom Tinega, says some matatu operators park carelessly, while dropping and picking passengers in undesignated areas.

Tinega says the resulting obstruction leads to traffic snarl up within the city.

“We have put the rogue Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) operators on notice, that we are not going to allow them to break the laws,” Tinega was quoted by Capital FM.

“Some of these individuals are careless and so pathetic in the way they do their work. This is a Capital City and sanity must prevail.”

The operations on rogue PSVs was carried out on Latema Street, Moi Lane, Tom Mboya Street, Gill House area and Munyu Road respectively.

Those arrested are expected to be charged in court.

Two weeks ago, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko warned that sanity must prevail within the Nairobi transport sector and that the Public Service Vehicle (PSVs) operators must adhere to the laws

“We have noted with concern that many PSVs are parking, dropping and picking passengers at undesignated areas within the CBD. We must therefore bring order in this county by ensuring that all the PSVs operators observe the county laws,” said the governor, who issued a directive to relevant county departments to ensure sanity prevails within all the streets of Nairobi.

Sonko also warned that those county officers who are working in cohort with the rogue PSVs operators and soliciting money from drivers to allow them to break the law, that they will also be arrested.

He said any county official caught in this syndicate will face the wrath of the law.

“Let me warn you. If you are part of that cartel, it will not matter whom you know, how well you are connected or how many years you have worked at City Hall. If you are caught in that mix, you will be suspended immediately and charged in court,” he said. 


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