One hurt as Gichugu residents want local cops moved for ‘colluding with thugs’

A middle aged man is nursing injuries sustained after being allegedly assulted by a police officer in Kiamutugu, Gichugu constituency.

According to residents, the said police officer, identified as Gilbert, beats anyone who refuses to buy him beer with the gun butt.

In a video that has gone viral, the man is seen vomiting blood, a scene that has left many locals worried. In another video, a bodaboda rider is nursing a broken leg and the other a broken arm and wounds at the back.

Reports suggest the officer in charge of the local police station has encouraged the cop by failing to act on reports against him.

“The officers attached to this station spend time in clubs. The bars open as early as 10.00am and closed very late,” a local told Kurunzi.

They have expressed their dissatisfaction, claiming the police collude with thugs by either lending them their uniform or being part of the robbers.

They say whenever they call the station in case of a robbery, the police from the station always do not respond.

Residents now want the entire team changed since their presence there is doing more harm than good.

Gilbert is in remand waiting to be charged.


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