EXPOSED: Two Nigerians running fake football academy in Nairobi want to fleece unsuspecting parents

Two Nigerians – Charles Emedo and Duru Mikel, are at the heart of a football coaching scam that could see unsuspecting parents lose millions of shillings in a fake kids academy training for a trip to Europe.

The duo, whose immigration status is questionable and who have no work permits in Kenya, re reportedly training children under King’s Football Club which is yet to be registered with the Sports Registrar. Neither Emedo nor his compatriot hold the requisite coaching credentials.

Emedo, the alleged owner of the ‘football club’ said to be named after his son (King) is embroiled in a tussle with the family of a woman they co-habited with for nine years. The woman, Andear Mwangi, died three months ago and is yet to be buried after the family of the deceased said they had no knowledge of her being married to the Nigerian.

The foreigner attempted to steal the body of the deceased, with whom they reportedly had three children, from Umash Funeral Home against a court order that directed that she would not be buried until the tussle is resolved in the High Court.

The illegal kids training programme is conducted at various venues, including Ngong Road’s Impala grounds.

Kurunzi can confirm that the parents of the current handful children being trained have been duped to believe their children will make it big after the trip to a yet-to-be-announced country in Europe.

However, our sources have indicated the training is not about football but the children could be “getting brainwashed and possibly being inducted into drugs”.

“Emedo’s source of livelihood is unknown, maybe he is involved in shady dealings or it could even be drugs because a few things about him don’t add up,” the source told Kurunzi.

“Parents or any football enthusiasts looking for opportunities for their children need to be careful dealing with these two men. They are not good people and I advise those who have their children there to get better academies for their children.”

Mikel has severally run into trouble with Kenyan immigration officials but how he is still in the country without proper documentation is still a mystery.


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