Entrepreneurs get free mentorship to boost their entrepreneurial skills

Brian Simiyu the founder for TechFyBiz receiving his mentorship certificate from the mentor George Wachiuri

Hundreds of business professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs have successfully completed a transformative mentorship program aimed at honing their management and profit-making skills within the business industry.

 Courtesy of the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship, hundreds of young startup owners from across the nation seized the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive six month mentorship program, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to navigate the challenges of the business world.

 The latest cohort, referred to as Cohort 4, celebrated their graduation at GMC Place Kitengela. George Wachiuri, the visionary behind this mentorship initiative, emphasized that the program is meticulously designed to not only advance careers but also foster the growth of startups into prosperous enterprises.

 Wachiuri passionately urged individuals to register and participate in this invaluable mentorship opportunity, emphasizing that it holds the potential to boost businesses, fuel economic growth, generate jobs, and contribute more tax revenue to our nation.

 The mentor also issued a challenge to fellow CEOs to consider establishing mentorship programs to guide employees and entrepreneurs alike. Notably, this mentorship program remains open and free for anyone in the business industry or pursuing any career path.

 “In today’s graduation, we witnessed the diverse success stories of our mentees. Among the graduates were three doctors, a professor, and even a class six dropout who now successfully manages a thriving company. Our mentorship is open to all, as long as you aspire to make a difference,” Wachiuri explained.

 The George Wachiuri School of Mentorship has already conducted four successful mentorship programs, with previous cohorts demonstrating remarkable success, according to Mr. Wachiuri.

 “As George Wachiuri, my aim is to share the strategies that have made Optiven Group the epitome of success. In Kenya, with approximately 1.7 million formal companies and 5.3 million informal ones, we aspire to elevate these informal businesses to formal status, enabling them to flourish and contribute to our nation’s growth and job creation,” the mentor elucidated.

 This mentorship program caters to young professionals seeking guidance on launching and managing startups. It imparts fundamental knowledge for turning business ideas into reality and facilitates networking opportunities with accomplished individuals within the mentorship community.

“I want to encourage startups to embrace mentorship. It accelerates business growth and allows you to bypass the pitfalls and challenges I faced. A mentor is someone who has walked the path before you, learned from their experiences, and avoided their mistakes. Why replicate the same errors when you can seek guidance from mentors like George Wachiuri?” advised Wachiuri.

 Both career-oriented individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to join this year’s program, as registrations remain open. The mentorship program is available in both online and physical formats.

 Dr. Lucy Mackenzie expressed her pride in completing the mentorship, emphasizing the invaluable lessons she has learned and her determination to apply them in her career.

 “Mr. Wachiuri has been my mentor for the past six months, and I can attest to the immense knowledge I’ve gained, which I’m already applying in my daily work. Mentorship allows you to learn from someone else’s experience, and we can witness the positive impact of Optiven’s approach. We are profoundly grateful for this opportunity,” shared Francis Wambua, Director and Chief Solutions Officer at Enterprise IT Solutions.

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