Mystery as AP constable commits suicide, blames ‘female friend’

Police are investigating circumstances under which an Administration Police officer attached to Umoja II camp in Nairobi committed suicide yesterday.

He left a suicide note where he attributed his tragic action to frustration by a female friend, whose phone number he included in the note.

Constable Jonah Kimani shot himself inside his house with his official AK47 rifle which he had picked for patrol duties.

After picking the firearm, the officer went back to his house, changed into civilian clothes before turning the weapon on himself.

He directed that all his benefits be given to his seven-month-old daughter and apologised to his grandfather, who he said played a key role in bringing him up.

He said he regretted his decision, but added  it was “the right thing to do”.

The officer also wrote down his phone password and the PIN of his mobile money account. According to his call records, the last person the officer called was the woman he attributed to his woes.

Kamukunji sub-county police commander Adamson Bungei, who visited the scene,  said the deceased had not complained or reported to his seniors having personal issues.

He decried increased cases of officer’s deaths.

“Preliminary investigations point to suicide. There is a better way of solving issues and we urge officers to speak out,” said Bungei.

The incident comes just two days after a female officer attached to Parliament Police Station was found murdered inside her Umoja estate house allegedly by her lover.


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