Child trafficking: DCI warns cartels their days are numbered

Directorate of Criminal Investigations says it is soon raiding children’s homes and other institutions involved in child trafficking activities in Kenya.

Speaking during the official opening of a UK-supported & equipped Anti-Human trafficking and Child protection Unit in Mombasa, DCI boss George Kinoti warned they were not going to allow the “future of Kenya” to be destroyed.

Kurunzi continues to demand that DCI and the ODPP take swift action against the perpetrators of the heinous crimes against Kenyan children because the cartels are well known.

“We are going to raid all those places where this is happening because we cannot allow our children and those growing into adulthood to continue suffering,” said Kinoti during the ceremony graced by UK ambassador Jane Marriott.

On her part, the UK envoy said the law will soon catch with the perpetrators and they will be put to justice: “These are heinous crimes and it is crucial that those responsible are held to account. We are working together to support Kenyan children and the most vulnerable.

“The UK will continue to work with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, the National Police Service and international partners in support of Kenya’s fight against those people who abuse or traffic children.”

Kinoti’s remarks come amid rising cases of children being reported as missing and growing pressure for government agencies to reign in on child trafficking cartels.

Kurunzi has been publishing exposees exposing child trafficking cartels in the country, networks that have been taking Kenyan children abroad despite a cabinet ban on adoption by foreigners. The Cabinet moratorium was issued in November 2014 but cartels have been using illegal means to get Kenyan children abroad.

Among the ways used to traffic children include, guardianship, foster care and medical treatment, among other means.

Kurunzi has so far revealed institutions and individuals involved in the illegal trade in the country, with upto 17 cases recommended for prosecution still pending at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.


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