Amahwa accuses AFC Leopards executive of mischief

Outgoing AFC Leopards Chairman Maurice Amahwa has accused the club secretariat for hatching secret plans to remove his name from the club register.

A bitter Amahwa, an accountant by profession, said it was wrong to remove his name yet he has been paying for the last 10 years as a registered member.

He said he has sacrificed a lot for the club adding that his recent effort to steer the club from relegation to position 10 shows his capability.

“I have proved I can lead the club to greater prosperity when I took over as the Chairman of the club rescue team,” he said.

“The team was staring relegation few weeks ago but when I took over the rescue team, I increased players allowances and other initiatives that saw the club register very convincing wins when least expected. Now  we are safe. I can now walk tall and proud of my achievement.”

The Coast branch chairman added: “But it beats all logic [that] after being a faithful and loyal member of the club, somebody decides to remove my name  from the club register despite paying all my membership dues for the last 10 years.

“In this case ,the cook who prepared the food is being forgotten and dumped in the dustbin. The problem facing our club is poor management and lack of proper structures. I am not eyeing any political seat.I just  have passion for football.”

He, however, says he would not take any legal action even if his demands were not met, instead he will remain a loyal member.

“In the first place,there is no salary by being a leader in the team. That is why I cannot take any legal action. This is  a voluntarily work.

“You need to have passion but it pains when you realize  your good effort is not being appreciated by few individuals. I read mischief.”

He blamed the club secretariat for submitting a list of bonafide members to the social media instead of using the legal channels, which include publishing in the newspapers.


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