Sports tribunal to rule on AFC Leopards polls fate as members insist exercise on come Sunday

Uncertainty and anxiety surrounds the AFC Leopards Annual General Meeting slated for Sunday with the eagerly awaited ruling  today by the High court in Milimani set to determine this weekends exercise.

 Top  Aspirant Bonface Ambani filed a petition at the High court citing several anomalies that elbowed him out of the race.Ambani believes he  should  be in the ballot box come  Sunday after fulfilling virtually all the conditions set out.

Earlier at the club’s secretariat, aspirants, National Executive  committee and members held a joint meeting on Tuesday evening, where they unanimously agreed the election exercise will proceed on Sunday as earlier agreed.

Aspirants for the top seat Dan Shikanda and Ben Musundi led the chorus in assuring members and voters the exercise will be conducted as scheduled on Sunday by the Independent Electoral Board.

Out-going secretary general Oscar Igaida said the meeting certified the election process was credible and there was nothing that can stop the AGM on Sunday.

“The current NEC has endorsed Sunday’s AGM slated for Kasarani. We are calling upon genuine candidates, members and voters to turn up in large numbers and exercise their democratic right by voting for their preferred candidates,” said Uganda.

“We urge our members to restrain from bad acts that can spoil our image and conduct their campaigns maturely.We believe after the elections, we shall come out stronger.”

Musundi, another aspirant, said despite the sports registrar’s request for the club to postpone the AGM for 28 days, members had agreed not to oblige since they believe proper mechanisms had been put in place for a credible and fair election.

“IEBC has printed ballot papers and the venue has been booked. Everything is in place. Preparations are on course and I don’t see why we should not continue with the AGM on Sunday,” said Musundi.

“After 23rd which is  Sunday, we shall have a new office that should  be given  support.”

Gilbert Andugu said: “We are speaking with one voice. We support the process and we are ready for  elections come  Sunday. No one is  superior to dictate on us on whether to hold the election exercise.

“We shall defend the constitution of the club to the latter. Everything is in place and shall proceed with the exercise on Sunday at Kasarani from 8am”.

Shikanda said there will be a constitution crisis if the club fails to conduct elections on Sunday. He urged members of goodwill, to turn up in large numbers on Sunday and prove their critics wrong.

The chairman post has attracted so far three candidates namely Dan Shikanda, Ben Musundi and Ronald Namai. The powerful SG position will be contested by two candidates – Robert Situma and committee member Oliver Shikuku.


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