Robbers dig tunnel to steal KSh1.5 million from Kitui bank

A gang of robbers on Saturday dug a tunnel to gain access into a Kitui bank, broke into the safe and stole KSh1.5 million.

According to police, the gang took two days to dig the tunnel unnoticed and the discovery was only made Sunday morning by authorities.

The incident affected Itoleka Financial Services Association bank.

Kitui East Sub-County commander, Edward Legei, told Capital FM News that police have launched a probe.

“A guard told our officers that as he was patrolling the bank when he saw a tunnel and suspected something was amiss,” he said.

The robbers left the equipment they used to dig into the tunnel.

The incident is a replica to what happened in 2017 when thugs dug a 30-meter tunnel and stole KSh50 million from Kenya Commercial Bank in Thika.


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