Leaked audio exposes Mwendwa, FIFA conspiracy on FKF elections

Football Kenya Federation chairman Nick Mwendwa has stated that there will be no changes to the electoral code as earlier directed by the Sports Dispute Tribunal in March, 2020.

In a leaked audio conversation, Mwendwa is heard telling members of his Team Blue not to panic because most of the directives issued by the John Ohaga-led federation would not be heeded to, a move that could ultimately see most candidates locked out from contesting in the forthcoming polls.

Mwendwa observed that it would be futile to try and change the electoral codes as there were no mechanisms in place to oversee the same since the federation’s National Executive Committee (NEC) was disbanded.

“Those people disbanded NEC, there is no way I am going to call for Special General Meeting to change that code again. It will remain the way it is.

The move is likely to stir further confrontations with the SDT which had termed the code as grossly unfair as it would bar other potential candidates from running.

No changes

“The eligibility criteria at Section 4 of the 2020 Electoral Code are unreasonable and are designed to lock out potential aspirants and are therefore a gross violation of the principle of free and fair elections contemplated by section 46 (6) as read with paragraph (d) of the second schedule to the Sports Act and Article 81 of the Constitution of Kenya,” the ruling read in part.

Mwendwa also observed that there would be no changes to the branches, the club registers and that clubs in the sub branches would also not vote.

“In the branches, there are no changes whatsoever, there won’t be any changes in the clubs’ registers because no football activity has been going on and clubs in the sub branches won’t vote,” he said.

He added that he had already secured Fifa’s backing and communicated to them on the risks of the federation being dragged to court and that the giant football body had assured him that they would handle intervene promptly.

Mwendwa added that it would be unfortunate if his camp show weakness before Fifa by shying away from the elections as that would lend credence to their opponents who have constantly painted them as wanting to lock out opponents.

“Fifa is being told that we are fearing elections and locking people out. If we show them that it is true what they are being told that we are fearing the polls then they will believe it and that is not the case,” he said.

The FKF boss can also be heard inspiring hope in one of the members telling him that they would not lose since they had invested so much to lose to their opponents.

“Now I am wondering, if you Kakaa has spent Sh150, 000 what do you think I have spent?

“Secondly, if you think you can lose, how much do you think I will lose when you lose?”

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