BREAKING: Nick Mwendwa currently being grilled by DCI over KSh244 million AFCON monies, players bonuses

Former Football Kenya Federation president Nick Mwendwa is currently being grilled at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Kiambu Road headquarters over embezzlement of funds during his tenure at the federation.

Kurunzi has independently verified that Mwendwa is answering questions on how his administration spent the KSh244 million for the Harambee Stars’ participation at the Africa Cup of Nations in 2019.

Accompanied by CEO of FKF Barry Otieno, Mwendwa is also expected to answer how the federation sunk KSh125 million to British firm – WTS Media – in the name of purchasing outside broadcasting equipment.

WTS went into administration in 2018, a few months after receiving KSh125 million from FKF for an OB van which has never been delivered.

Detectives will also seek a clarification from Mwendwa on the sticky matter of players’ bonuses, which has caused a rift between him and star players, includng captain Victor Wanyama.

DCI has been on the trail of FKF for months and Mwendwa’s grilling is the final stage of their probe which has also seen former Principal Secretary for Sports Peter Kaberia, now in the Ministry of Mining visiting Kiambu Road in recent weeks.

Investigations for months

“He (Mwendwa) is in the building and it is evident that he will be here for some time because of the nature of questioning he has to go through,” a source at DCI told Kurunzi shortly after Mwendwa was whisked in.

“The investigations have been going on for months now and we are in the final stages of the process before a determination is made on whether or not he will face charges but it is unlikely that he will escape this.

“The books show there were a number of improprieties especially with regards to spending of money from the government and FIFA.”


News of Mwendwa’s grilling has been a matter of long speculation but it was confirmed by our sources on Wednesday evening that he would be facing detectives today (Thursday) morning from 9.00am.

A couple of journalists had been at the precints of the entrance to the DCI base hoping to see Mwendwa drive in but they all missed his arrival, some telling Kurunzi he may have been driven in without ging through the security checks at the gate.

“He must have entered incognito because none of us saw him. We just heard that he was already inside being grilled but we are waiting for the time he comes out,” one journalist told Kurunzi.

Mwendwa’s tenure ended on 10 February 2020 but he has maintained he is still in office “until a new president is elected” despite a ruling by the Sports Disputes Tribunal finding that the term of the National Executive Committee which he was part of (according to article 37 (a) of the FKF Constitution 2017) had ended.

A ruling on whether or not he is in contempt of the tribunal and the way forward for the controversial FKF elections is expected today (Thursday) afternoon.

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